Keep your plants reliably up-to-date

Revamps and modernization for longer equipment and plant lifetime

Over the course of time, the demands placed on production plants often change. In order to meet these changed demands, we offer you our services in the field of revamps, modernization and renovation.

With innovative engineering solutions and customized upgrades, we help you to keep your plants up-to-date. Cutting-edge process technology and modern components increase the lifetime of your plant. Thereby, our services can come into play both in the case of individual plant components and the plant as a whole.

Our upgrades for increased plant capacity

With our revamp and modernization projects, we can expand production capacities , ensure better plant availability and optimize your plants for the ideal use of possibly changing raw materials. Maintenance costs are reduced and unplanned downtimes are lowered.

With the aid of state-of-the-art technology and the modernization of your plants, we can, for instance, help you to reduce energy consumption and observe environmental standards.

Thanks to the implementation of revamp measures from a single source, the subsequent commissioning and the training of your staff in the new technologies, we continue to ensure high production quality and availability levels for your production plant.

Our portfolio: From environmental analysis to shutdown management
  • Engineering studies
  • Status analysis/Inspections
  • Environmental analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • Studies concerning the elimination of production bottlenecks (debottlenecking)
  • Engineering and manufacturing of individual equipment
  • Plant improvements
  • Customer-specific revamps and retrofitting solutions
  • Debottlenecking via capacity expansion
  • Efficiency enhancement through equipment modernization and upgrades
  • Emission reduction
  • Availability improvement
  • Revamps and extensions, including EPC
  • Supervision and execution of complex modernization and extension projects, including EPC projects
  • In-house basic, front-end und detail engineering
  • Manufacturing of individual components, with expediting/quality assurance
  • Customer-specific contract solutions for risk and profit sharing
  • Shutdown management
  • Management of plant shutdown
Automation for increasing plant efficiency and safety

In the field of automation, we offer you a broad portfolio, from stand-alone solutions to a holistic approach : For the automation of mining equipment, we offer, for example, the automation of single machines, up to a fully automated mine.

Revamps and refurbishments for different industries and technologies

With our long-term tradition as a technology provider and as an EPC company, as well as the thyssenkrupp engagement in various sectors, we have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of revamps for different industries and technologies, such as for the fertilizer industry, polymer and electrolysis plants, refineries, coke and steel plants as well as for cement and mining plants.

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