A Digital Twin for Belt Conveyors

A reliable digital representation of a physically installed belt conveyor - the digital twin enables you to understand the key triggers to optimize the operation and maintenance of your belt conveyor system.

To improve the service life of belt conveyor components, enhance the operational efficiency of belt conveyor systems, and increase their materials handling throughput you need to start by thoroughly understanding how an existing belt conveyor system operates. A belt conveyor’s digital twin can then guide you on the path toward optimized operation and maintenance.

Analysis of required power to enable cost-efficient operation of belt conveyor
Analysis of required power to enable cost-efficient operation of belt conveyor
Monitoring of a belt conveyor system and its components
Innovations driven at a faster pace

Why a digital twin for belt conveyor systems?

Our digital belt conveyor twin technology provides real-time feedback on the compatibility of the operating conditions of every major belt conveyor component – with all data measured live. Component stresses are calculated utilizing a dynamic physics-based model and proactive feedback is provided to enable operators to make informed decisions based upon real data – with a clear outline of the consequences of each and every action.

Why digital twin for belt conveyors

Optimization of throughput
Increase the productivity of your open pit mine, get live information about what is happening to each component of your belt conveyor system, and simulate offline before undertaking any action.
Efficient and precise commissioning of new belt conveyor systems
You will not only know the current/power required for different load levels, but what the stress is in each component as well as the tension in any part of the belt. The digital twin can also simulate within the live data as yet unseen operating conditions to test for future required conditions.
Analysis of required power to enable cost-efficient operation
Release any power being excessively consumed anywhere in your belt conveyor system rather than in transportation of the actual material. Accurately determine where the friction on your conveyor is coming from.
Longer service life of components
Operate the belt in ideal conditions to avoid overstress on components such as take-up systems, pulleys and the belt itself.
Monitoring of the belt conveyor system and its components
The online dashboard monitors the performance of each component.
Innovations driven at a faster pace
Receive immediate feedback on the impact of operational changes to determine exactly what has been affected by each change.
Confirmation of your belt conveyor system’s design
Your digital twin is not simply based on a physics-simulation engine but also features the built-in know-how and rule sets from some of the world’s best conveyor designers.
Valuable data for root-cause analysis
Turn your data into understanding of why and how problems occur.
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