Explore our digitalized expertise for your industrial processes

Take advantage of our digitalized expertise for your industrial processes.

Digitalization offers great potential for improving process efficiency and competitiveness in engineering, on the construction site, and in services. New and innovative solutions such as digital twins or Building Information Modeling (BIM) are much in demand.

Along with the engineering and process know-how of our engineers and our digital competencies, we combine decades of experience from the worldwide installation of thousands of plants and machines with state-of-the-art data-based solutions. We identify the main levers to increase the availability and productivity of plants and processes and offer our customers suitable solutions. This is what we call Digitalized Expertise.

Our digital products and services cover two main areas: Evaluate & Predict and Automate & Optimize. In Evaluate & Predict we combine solutions such as drone inspections, remote maintenance, or performance and conditioning monitoring. In this way, individual components and complete industrial plants can be monitored and their operations analyzed over their entire life cycle – from the initial idea to development, production, use, maintenance, and recycling. Condition-based predictions allow preventive measures to be taken, malfunctions avoided, and both availability and productivity significantly increased.

Automate & Optimize comprises solutions for automated operations, e.g. fully automated storage systems, remote-controlled ship unloaders and bucket wheel excavators, or digital inventory management. These solutions help to increase the productivity and safety of plant and machinery while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

Digitalization with thyssenkrupp brings a major innovative boost for the plants and machinery of our customers in the chemical, fertilizer, mining, cement and other industries — and this leads to higher performance and product quality. While production and technologies used to be the main focus, the development of service offerings will play an increasingly important role in the future. This opens up enormous potential for both plant manufacturers and plant operators alike.

Precise planning and time savings with PlantScan 3D
A modern tool for plant designing and wear analysis

PlantScan 3D opens up completely new possibilities for you: Existing buildings and process systems are recorded three-dimensionally by means of a laser scanner. This means that space coordinates accurate to the millimeter are available for new building work and conversions, allowing two-dimensional plans and three-dimensional models to be created.

Your advantages with PlantScan 3D

  • Contactless measurement
  • Precise documentation of the actual situation in the shortest time
  • For the designing of plants, 3D models can be created using the data recorded, and can also be combined with this data
  • The data recorded allow tailor-made planning and therefore a reduction in stoppage times and costs
  • Wear measurement by means of laser scanning helps to optimise service lives

Remote Service - assistance from afar

Shorter stoppage times and lower costs

Thanks to the assistance from afar, you receive cost-effective and nevertheless precise help in solving problems. Problems can therefore be eliminated at any time, rapidly and regardless of location. Thus, stoppage times can be reduced significantly. In addition, the documentation that Remi-Cam offers by way of a film means that a given procedure can also be reconstructed after the event.

Your advantages

  • Cost-effective and immediate assistance is possible from afar
  • You can make use of our expert knowledge around the world
  • Easy to operate
  • Electronic documentation for better traceability
  • Lower stoppage times thanks to rapid elimination of problems

Mining maintenance 4.0: Boost your efficiency with our Maintenance Assistance System (MAS)

The Maintenance Assistance System is a software framework that can be configured to fit various types of machines for several applications like mining technologies, materials handling and mineral processing.

How the Maintenance Assistance System operates

Our Maintenance Assistance System (MAS) is connected to sensors via the machines PLC and our thyssenkrupp edge device which continually logs and processes the sensor data. In combination with the expertise and input of our maintenance technicians, the MAS is capable of usage based maintenance scheduling for each relevant component of the machine. this data is the starting point for predictive maintenance.

Your benefits from our Maintenance Assistance System

Eliminate any uncertainty about your maintenance performance through instant availability of all relevant data.

Reduce the overall time required for maintenance through simplification and systemization of maintenance performance and related tasks.

Enjoy easy access to the system through a browser-based solution that enables cross-platform usage on stationary and mobile devices.

A Digital Twin for Belt Conveyors

A reliable digital representation of a physically installed belt conveyor - the digital twin enables you to understand the key triggers to optimize the operation and maintenance of your belt conveyor system.

To improve the service life of belt conveyor components, enhance the operational efficiency of belt conveyor systems, and increase their materials handling throughput you need to start by thoroughly understanding how an existing belt conveyor system operates. A belt conveyor’s digital twin can then guide you on the path toward optimized operation and maintenance.

Optimization of throughput through digitalization

Analysis of required power to enable cost-efficient operation of belt conveyor

Monitoring of a belt conveyor system and its components

Innovations driven at a faster pace


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